Lost and found, old and new.

Well, I had the best of intentions this weekend, and I did achieve something – the extra special project I was working on I managed to finish in double quick time and so that was something good.  Then I searched about for the notebook with the Moo-Ra dress pattern in.  I cannot find it anywhere.  My house is pretty disorganised so I think I am going to have to try to re-engineer the pattern, which will take a bit more time than I had planned. But I really wanted to upload a pattern of my own here, and so I typed up a pattern for fingerless mittens that I had in an old notebook and I made the big step of adding it to Ravelry as a free pattern.  Even though its a very simple pattern, its a big psychological step for me to set myself up as a designer on Ravelry.  And there has been some nice interest in the pattern too, even though it has only been up for a few hours, so I am very proud of that.

I did find other notebooks, with scribbles and sketches in, including some ideas I had forgotten about but were sketched on trains to business meetings and similar.  And that has given me confidence too – confidence that I will have enough ideas to enable this to grow, a little at a time.

I also had some wonderful peer support this weekend, which I am very grateful for.  So I have plans for a little thank you for that person, but more of that in due course.  This transition is starting to feel like the right thing to do – a natural next step rather than a leap of faith.

Monday night update…

I have found the missing notebook!!!  Much happiness (as ever, it was hiding in plain sight) and so now I need to type it up and test the pattern to make sure it still works.  I have some amazing pima cotton from Lollipop Guild Yarns that I have been saving to use on Moo-Ra number 2, along with some other cotton that a friend gave to me, so its time to crack on and see how the new colourway works out.


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