What can I say.  As you all know this was my first (and potentially my last) yarn show on my own. I did all my prep, was as organised as I could be, and had wonderful support.  But it doesn’t stop you being a tiny bit terrified.  You can never tell how you will be received, either by the public who come or fellow (and more established) stall holders.

It turns out that I needn’t have worried.  For a first outing Wool@J13 was a huge success – lots of people came (and the ones who promised on Facebook that they would really did materialise into actual human beings – yes, I’m taking about you, Manda), the sun shone for most of the time, and everyone was lovely. I was fortunate to be stood next to Sonic Knits, and two nicer people than Fiona and Gina could not be found.  The ever supportive Sue Stratford was there too, along with the ladies from Kindred Creations who kept and eye on us newbies and kept us going with hugs and much appreciated advice.  Sue won the prize for best stall in show, and I was so proud! I just wish I had got a picture to show you how amazing it was! 

I had my wing woman with me, my bestie, who stopped me from flapping and generally was a calming influence and provider of teas.  She also ensured that we sat up for Eurovision and a cheeky glass of Buck Fizz on Saturday night…

I got to finally meet Jo and and Jodie, who were wonderfully daft and really brightened my already sunny day.  And my yarn friends came out in force too.  Ingrid was full of energy all weekend, and made us all feel like we were old friends.  

The thing that really set this show apart for me was the festival feel of it – beer stall and street food, park and animals for the children and non yarn lovers, plus live music, including that provided by a man in a kilt.  I mean, what’s not to like…

So I already have ideas about how to make it better for next year, and I hope to squeeze in a few more shows before the end of the year.  But Wool@J13 will forever hold a special place in my heart.  It has made me brave. 


3 thoughts on “Wool@J13 

  1. Awwww, I got a special mention!
    It was lovely to meet you, and buy all your fabulous wares! Your stall looked great, you and your bestie were friendly and easy to talk to, without pushing a hard sell. What’s not to like?
    Don’t let it be your last show, you’ve got unique ideas, never seen brain fabric before!
    I’m loving all my stuff from you, big brain bag fits loads in, like neuron bag has all my notions in, and I’m working with your Dye Candy exclusive Psychotic colourway on a Dopamine wrap. I’m all about Knackered Psycho right now!


    1. That’s wonderful! And I am so jealous that you have that psychotic yarn – it was my favourite and it sold out in the first couple of hours! I will have to get some more made, but the show has given me lots of ideas for next time. And it was a genuine pleasure to meet you – you were so nice and have wonderful taste! 😘😂


  2. It was lovely to meet you and thank you for helping me choose the perfect patterns……..Looking forward to showing you the finished results next year!!

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