That Friday feeling…

It’s Friday, and I have that feeling of:

  • panic, because the week is nearly over and I have achieved only a fraction of what I needed to at work;
  • relief, because the week is nearly over, and I can legitimately ignore work in a few hours;
  • tiredness, of the kind that cuts through your bones and makes your head feel like it contains mashed potato (and the instant variety at that).

I also feel excited, because I have decided that this weekend I am going to write up some of my old patterns so that I can start to share them with you. Or at least try to.  The reason for my lack of conviction here is because I also have the following WiPs on the go:

  • Attic24 cosy blanket in rainbow colours;
  • Two versions of a new wrap I am in the middle of designing;
  • A pinwheel blanket made with yarn dyed by Dye Candy and Truly Hooked as part of a joint yarn club they have been running.

And I have a new project to start tonight, which needs to take priority over all of them, because it isn’t for me.  And I am excited about that too.

So finding time to decipher old notes and write them up and make them look pretty may be a bit of an ask, to be honest!  But I promise I will do my best.


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