Starting to gain momentum.

The last few days have been great as this experiment continues.  The hand warmer pattern that I put on Ravelry has received good interest and steady downloads from a (surprising) range of countries and I couldn’t have hoped for more.  I will try to write a hat pattern too and pop that up as another freebie soon.  But tonight I have finally typed up the Moo-Ra dress pattern and I am going to test it, along with a friend who has a daughter about the same age as my own.  I have been quite buoyed by the number of hits the photograph of that dress has had since the blog started.  Tonight I went to fetch the skein of pima cotton I was going to use for it, only to find that its DK and therefore I wouldn’t have enough yarn for the skirt.  So I have found some unused red bamboo yarn that I can use for the top section, and I am going to use the blue, purple and red yarn pictured above for the skirt.  Both of those are from Lollipop Guild Yarns, and they work well with red and plum coloured mini-skeins I had in my stash from Rosie’s Moments.  Even though the yarns are a bit of a mix and match, I think they will work well and I love the colours.  Next time you see them, should be on the final version of the pattern, all being well.


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