Showing, growing and knowing…

So, a lot can happen in a short space of time.  I have steady downloads of my free hand warmer pattern on Ravelry, and as promised I spent some time this Friday with the same beautiful blue yarn from Unbelievawool that I used for the mitts, and hooked up a new hat pattern.  I haven’t uploaded it yet as I need to take some pictures of one of my very photogenic friends wearing it to illustrate the pattern.  I am really pleased with the look and fit of it and so I am hoping that it will be a minor hit.  I also think I may need to make it in a plain-coloured yarn, because its a texture-led design.  But I am also going to hold the pattern back until April, when I am going to officially ‘go commercial’ and start to launch some patterns that I will charge for.  Part of this experiment is to see whether I can really do this as an alternative to my day job, so part of this year is finding out about what is attractive to people and what isn’t, and to develop my ideas so that they really have some appeal.  I have asked someone to design me a logo, and I am excited to see what they come up with in response to the brief I set them. With name like mine, there is all sorts of potential fun to be had, and it has to be playful in some way, or people might think I am serious about the whole ‘psycho’ bit.

I would really love to hear your suggestions for patterns that you would welcome: at the moment I am working from my own wish list which includes things like ‘something to use up skeins of lace weight yarn in my stash’, ‘something simple to hook but stunning to look at’, and ‘comforting makes’.  What sort of yarn do you have in your stash that you need patterns for?  And how challenging do you want them to be?


4 thoughts on “Showing, growing and knowing…

  1. I have two small skeins of Japanese yarn, spun by elderly women who were ‘comfort women’ during WWII. It is thin, fairly uneven and fragile stuff, and I love it. One is reds/browns/greens, and one is more greeny. I haven’t the foggiest idea what to do with it – I’d like to make something for myself (unusual). Any ideas? Di


  2. I would love ideas on what to make with a single skein of DK. And shawls, shawls, shawls!!!! I love shawls and want to master beading x


    1. The DK challenge! Well, you should be able to do the hand warmers and my new hat pattern all from a single skein so they match! But I will come up with some other ideas too. I have a wrap and a shawl under development so they will appear soon too!


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