Wrapping things up…

So this week I have been a bit quieter than normal.  I have been busy with my daughter’s birthday, racing to get some work done before a deadline for the day job, and manically hooking every other moment so I can finish a lace weight wrap which I have been writing the pattern for.  The birthday, the work and the wrap are all done now, and the wrap is blocking as I type this.  The picture shows my blocking essentials – my hairdresser’s squirty bottle and an old tobacco tin of blocking pins. I have over 150 blocking pins – the few you can still see in the tin gives you an idea of how many are pinning that wrap out at the moment!

I have a strange affection for tobacco tins.  My dad’s shed contained shelves filled with neatly stacked tins like this one, with Dymo labels on their short edge indicating what was contained in each one.  This one came to me via a neighbour, whose relative had recently passed, but had left behind a serious button stash.  This was one of the tins that the buttons came in.  Nostalgia meant that I had to keep it and fill it, not with screws, nails or panel pins, but with blocking pins.  I think my dad would approve.  In fact I think my dad would try to have the tin off of me…

Anyway, I think having used over 100 pins on my latest make, and sworn whilst I fiddled with them to get straight edges, I need to invest in some blocking wires!  But I am relieved to have the wrap made.  Another pattern done ready for April launch. Lace weight patterns are a marathon rather than a sprint, but always worth enduring for.


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