Last night a work colleague passed away.  She was young. She worked way too hard.  She tried to accommodate many unreasonable requests for her time.  She dealt with rudeness and impatience with grace.

Last week she had a stroke.  Last night she passed away.

Life is too short to spend it doing things you think you should instead of the things you wanted to.

Take action.  Prioritize what you love. Don’t let others tell you what your focus should be.  In your heart you know what it is.  Do that.

Life is too precious to play compromise with it.


3 thoughts on “Perspective.

  1. Your words are just perfect… I hope you can remember your own words in times when work or life seems overwhelming too. This week has been full of such terrible news for lots of people I know, I hope you are OK lovely lady xxx


  2. This has certainly made me reevaluate a few things and make some realisations. Such a beautiful and kind women, sadly taken too soon. Your words mean a lot, and come from the heart. Always in our thoughts xx


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